The EARTH Element is the energy of Late Summer. We think of it as Indian summer, the hot, humid, still time before Fall arrives. It is about abundance and abundant harvest. This is the center and the turning point, after the rise of Yang and before the decent of Yin, there is the Earth element. It is like the pause between an inhale and an exhale.

The organ functions associated with the Earth element are the Stomach or Minister of Transformation and the Spleen or Minister of Transportation. The Stomach, not only transforms food into us, but it transforms thoughts into action. It is the power behind our ability to manifest our dreams. The Spleen transports or moves things. It moves the blood, it moves the food through the digestive tract, it moves the lymph and it moves our thoughts and emotions.

There is a balance in all things even abundance. TAO is always about The Middle Way. One might have too much real estate, especially if it is not paid for. Or too many children or animals and not be able to care for them properly. It may be as simple as too much food on our plate. It is easier for us to understand the lack of abundance than the state of over abundance. The Spleen is responsible for the bowels ability to move, too slow constipation, too fast diarrhea. It governs the blood flow and the integrity of the vessels. Varicose veins may indicate some Spleen issues, diabetes, arthritis, nausea, vomiting, proper food break down to name a few.When the Earth element is struggling, the mind is not quiet. It is churning our thoughts over and over again, worrying, worrying, obsessively over thinking. In balance, it is the gift of a mind that can quiet as in meditation. The virtue of the Earth is integrity. The Earth element is where clear inspired original thought comes from.