The Fire Element and the Summer Season are intrinsically linked. Their very nature embody each other. They correspond to the color red, the sound of laughter, the emotions or love and joy. Summer is where maturity happens. Fruit and vegetables ripen on the vine. The Fire Element governs all aspects of our relationships. It is the most Yang of the elements and its’ nature is to ascend.

The FIRE Element has 4 organ functions associated with it. The organs and meridians are; The Heart or Emperor, The Small Intestine, or Minister of Sorting Pure from Impure, The Pericardium, or Heart Protector, and the Triple Heater, or Minister of Harmony & Communication. These Officials are responsible for many different aspects of our health and wellbeing. For example, the Small Intestine sorts the foods we eat and decides what is nutritious and absorbs it from what is waste and passes it along toward the Large Intestine. This ability of sorting happens in every aspect of our lives. Mentally, our brain has to decide what goes to the conscious brain and what goes to the unconscious. Emotionally, we have to sort what emotions are healthy and what are not.

Think of the SUMMER season and you will know the FIRE Element, heat, warmth, the most daylight all point to the Fire. Recognizing, disharmony early and making the proper corrections using acupuncture and herbs is some of the best preventative medicine around.