Traditional Acupuncture Office

Herbal Therapy

Chinese herbal formulas can be used in conjunction with acupuncture treatment or without as a stand alone therapy just as acupuncture can be used alone. Many formulas have been created over thousands of years. In Chinese medicine, we look at medical issues, disharmonies and disease like we look at the weather. Is this person too hot, too damp, too cold? Or are they not warm enough? The formulas are blended and additions made to suit the individual's needs. For example, if it is determined that someone is too cold, a warming formula would be recommended. If the person is too dry, then moistening herbs would be in order.

Western herbs are also used. They may be singles or formulas. These are excellent quality liquid tinctures used for many conditions safely with no side effect.

Complex homeopathics, high quality supplements and essential oils all are natural approaches to balancing health. The formulas are easy to take in capsule or tea and very effective.

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