In nature, Winter is the time when the chi or energy descends into the full expression of Yin. It is about storing, conserving, replenishing, and receiving. What happens in Winter? In the Winter, the sap descends to the roots of plants, the daylight lessens and the days are shorter, the animals go into hibernation. WATER, when it flows, will always descend and this is the attribute of WATER, to descend. In a human, descending might mean taking time to reflect. It might simply mean to rest, to sleep, or to go into the unconscious.

The nature of WATER is to soak and descend and this makes it the most Yin of the 5 Elements. It is the darkness and the coolness. It penetrates the depths and it’s direction is down and in. It will follow the path of least resistance on its descent creating rivers and streams. The organ functions of the WATER element are the KIDNEYS, which are the Storehouse of the Vital Essence; and the URINARY BLADDER, the minister of the Reservoirs. The WATER element governs the bones, teeth, head hair, ears, and lower orifices. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas guide the body, mind and spirit toward homeostasis. Our “bodies” want to be in balance and these ancient Asian treatments move us in that direction.

For those of us fortunate enough to be in good health and who take care to eat well and exercise appropriately, 5 Element Acupuncture offers a preventative approach to long life and vitality with the Horary or Seasonal treatments. These treatments are done at the change of the seasons, which is 5 times a year. This interval can keep our subtle energies well “tuned” and harmonious thus keeping us healthy on all levels.